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Waters We Guide

All Mountain Outfitters has established a well rounded selection of waters that will cater to all types of adventures. From the most strenuous and secluded locations to wide open slow water that caters to anglers that can no longer get around as well. Young to the well aged angler, and from the first time fly fisher to the advanced angler looking for another feather in their cap. Customizing your trip is what we love to do and with 50+ waters, we can help you chose the river or lake that fits you best. All Mountain Outfitters is proud to work under the special use permits for outfitting and guiding on our beautiful Inyo National Forest.

Upper Owens River

    The Upper Owens River is a spring fed creek that moves down and out of
the mountains into Long Valley. It turns into a meandering, slow moving
river with deep holes and long riffles. This gives great habitat for the
resident fish and for the seasonal runs of trout that migrate up river from
Crowley lake. From the beautiful views of the Glass Mountain Range to the
East and the Sierra Mountains to the West, it's hard to think about anything
but breathing in fresh air and landing the next fish. You can expect to catch
rainbows, browns and seasonal cutthroat trout in the Upper Owens River. If
you are looking for a trophy to tell all of your fishing buddies about, the
Upper Owens is one of the best shots at catching a true trophy. Contact us
and we will put you on the calendar for a trip during the prime trophy trout
season. On heavy snow years, we can also provide snowmobile trips into the
prime water.

Lower Owens River

    The Lower Owens starts below Pleasant Valley Reservoir. This tailwater
as everything you can ask for, beautiful views and year round fishing. The
main attractions are the rainbows and browns that fill every bend, riffle and
deep hole along it's slow, winding path through the valley. In the wild trout
section, there are many access points where we can walk and wade. Below
the wild trout section, the river is not as accessible. We can provide drift
boat trips for this section where we will take a peaceful, calm float down
river while fishing spots that can only be 
accessed by boat. We often do not
even see another angler all day. I don't know about you, but I love getting
away from the crowds and finding those unpressured fish.

Owens River Gorge

   The Gorge is for those anglers that are looking for a bit of an adventure. We access the river by hiking in at a number of locations. All of these locations require moderate to strenuous hiking ability. Once stream side, this water will test your ability to wade through and over rocks and heavy vegetation. Bring your rock hopping legs, the challenge is definitely worth the bounty. This small tail water is chocked full of 6 to 14 inch wild browns, eager ti take a fky and is arguably one of the best dry fly fishing waters in the valley. 

Hot Creek

    Hot Creek is a spring creek and because of that, it fishes well all year. The stable
water temps allow for an abundance of bug activity throughout the year. These are also well educated fish that see a lot of flies. Stealth and good presentation is what we preach while fooling these fish. Rainbows and brown trout are what you will find in the 8 to 12 inch range on average. But there are some true monsters lurking in these waters. There are two sections of the river that are accessible for the public. The interpretive site and the canyon. The interpretive site is a very short section just below the fish hatchery with easy access except during heavy snowfall. The canyon section has a short, steep hike down into the canyon. Access during winter can be difficult but rewarding. Fish in both locations really key in on what is hatching. Figuring out what's on the menu is key to a successful day. During high flows, streamers may be an answer but during low flows, think small.

San Joaquin River

This is where you will find me on a hot summer day. My heart and soul is in the High Sierra and this beautiful freestone creek is hard to beat. The San Joaquin is full of rainbows and brown trout that are easily accessible by car and a short walk. Dry dropper is the name of the game here and more times than not it's the well placed dry fly that does the trick. The rocks can be slick and a wading staff is a key part of the arsenal while navigating this amazing pocket water with tall pines towering over you. Accessing this area does require a daily use fee that you will need to pay.

Other Waters

Lee Vining Creek, Walker Creek, Mill Creek, Deadman's Creek, Parker Creek, Saddlebag Lake, Ellery Lake, Rock Creek, North Lake, Intake Two, Bishop Creek, Pine Creek, Big Pine Creek, McGee Creek, Convict Creek, Lake Mamie, Lake Mary, Lake George, Twin Lakes, Sotcher Lake, Laurel Lake, McLeod Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Mammoth Creek, Starkweather Lake, Goldwater Creek. We are also permitted for waters we do not list on here, so if you are after a specific species or water, give us a call and we can discuss these in person. 805-423-1978

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