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Who We Are

The Full Story

I grew up hunting, fishing and exploring in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I was intrigued with fly fishing from a very young age and purchased my first fly rod at the age of 13. With no one to teach me, I studied other anglers on the water and began teaching myself. Fast forward to 2018, I moved to Bishop, California with my wife and three kids. I worked as a wildland firefighter, but it was the water and the mountains that brought me to this wonderful valley. In all aspects of my life, I have always fallen into an instructional role. From my career in fire, professional mountain biking to motorcycle racing, I have always found a tremendous amount of enjoyment in instructing and teaching my love to others. So it's no surprise that I have found myself guiding and instructing the art of fly fishing and hunting. There is no better enjoyment than to see the excitement in someone's face when I have helped them create a new special memory.

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